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San Marcos River
January 21-22, 2012
by Christy Long


100 cfs, USGS 08170500
Air temps 65 high, 48 low
Saturday: Three miles, San Marcos River Retreat to Sculls Crossing
Sunday: Park and Play at Rio Vista
Photos: Christy Long and Rheda Boardman

Saturday the air temperature was cool, the river was low, and we played at each rapid like there was no tomorrow.


Mike from left, Briggs, Christy,

and Dan Catching Eddies at

San Marcos River Retreat Rapid.

At the San Marcos Retreat rapid. We surfed and eddied around the rocks; then made attainment moves up the rapid so we could run it again.

I did not get a picture of the entrance rapid of Old Mill. But lately it requires maneuvering to river-right to miss the fallen tree on river-left. Our group of paddlers had no problem but a group of fishermen demonstrated just what happens when you do not perform the sequence of techniques to miss the tree. Three of the four fishermen broached on the tree; the first boat swamped, next two fishermen jumped out of their boats and crawled around the tree trunk. No one was hurt but they were wet and cold for the rest of the trip, to the Shady Groove take out. Even at this low level The Mighty San Marcos can getcha.

At Old Mill Rheda took many shots that show just how much fun we were having.



Briggs finds out that the new

WW boat will pivot rather than

turn. Made running the rapids

a lot more fun. Old Mill


Dan Carroll waiting to run

Old Mill after helping the

fishermen get to shore.


Briggs running the river-left

chute after attaining the main

rapid at Old Mill.


The river-left chute

at Old Mill.



Christy from left and Rheda

enjoying the day,

river-left at The Wall.


Mike from left and Bob

preparing to surf S-turn.

They take the old adage

"Hard moves on easy rivers"

to another level by standing

up in the canoe and using

a pole instead of a paddle.

  Bob surfing S-turn.  

Briggs surfing S-turn.



Mike surfing S-turn.


Waiting turns at the take out.


Lower Deck of Three Dudes Winery.

Christy Long, from left, Grayson Smith,

Briggs Smith, Dan Carroll, Rheda Boardman,

Bob Naeger. Mike did not join us as he had

to head home.


On Sunday Briggs, Grayson, and I went to Rio Vista and played for two hours. We were joined by Gary Studwell and Mazy Leung.

Thanks to all that came out to paddle.


The author,

Christy Long