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Last Meeting Minutes

January, 11, 2012
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: John Berlinghoff


The meeting was called to order by Vice Commodore Joe Coker.

Board of Directors minutes from 1/4/2012

John Berlinghoff gave a brief summary of some of the aims of the BOD. 
These included:

More Major trips.
More trips for beginners.
Lessons in using the forums.
More listing of trips including short notice trips so that visitors could see how active we are.
Increased leader training and first aid classes.
Collecting and publishing new places to paddle.

Board Member Reports at the general meeting

Honey Leveen our membership chair introduced guest Bill Bragman, and stated that we now have business cards and bumper stickers to advertise our activities.

Tim Garber our Fleet Captain chair stated that all trips will now go on the calendar, even if retroactively and that he is planning trips on the Buffalo (Arkansas) and other locations.

Harmon Everett, purser, described his trip to the San Marcos over Christmas holidays and the large turnout for the activity. He discussed the budget which is addressed later in this report.

Joe Coker said that we will work on both summer and fall flings as regular activities.

Greg Walker discussed the web site discussion forum which is addressed later in these minutes.

John Rich asked for newsletter articles, both long and short.


There were reports about recent trips including Tom Douglas and Lake Charlotte, and David Frisch at Village Creek.

Upcoming trips include San Marcos by Christy Long on Jan 21, Boquillas - Big Bend by Phil and Tisha Matticks, reported by Joe Coker, BPA triathalon on Feb 28, reported by Tom Douglas, and Buffalo Bayou by Louis Aulbach.

Paul Woodcock discussed Farmers Market trips on the first Saturdays of the month on Oyster Creek near Fluor.

Tim Garber talked about Dragon Boat activities coming up on 5/5 and wants to place a team.


Harmon went over the budget.  It showed $3375 in income and $3666 in expenses.  There were two amendments to the budget.  Cindy  Bartos motioned that we include a $100 donation to Galveston Bay Foundation and Fraser Baker made one that we donate $100 to Buffalo Bayou Partnership, both for $100.  Both passed.  Harmon will resubmit a revised budget for the next meeting.

Miscellaneous activities

Greg walker walked us through using the web site discussion forum.  He discussed updating your profile to make sure you get the forums.

Joe Coker discussed our training activities including:

1.  Basic training possibly on Hwy 288
2.  Moving water and rescue at Hidalgo Falls
3.  Leadership training
4.  First Aid

Joe also asked for folks not to put start times in write-ups so that participants can be screened.


Bill Bragman   Yak-Gear boat
Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker was Bill Bragman from Yak-Gear.  He gave us a quick history of his company and review of the various products they have.  He had a boat with him so folks could see hands-on what was available.  This included nylon cleats, rod holders, lighting kits, anchors, outriggers and a whole bunch more...  They are now in 1500 stores.


Keith Williams

grand prize winner 

There were Yak-Gear raffles for those present and the winners were:

Bob Nager, John Berlinghoff, Louis Aulbach and Steve won hats.

Keith Williams received a free rigging for his boat. 





HCC Recorder,

John Berlinghoff