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Robert and Lolita Stricker
by Linda Gorski

Longtime Houston Canoe Club member, Lolita Stricker, was in town in mid-December for a whirlwind visit.  Robert and Lolita were active club members and officers in HCC before becoming ex-pats in the Middle East about ten years ago.  Robert was also a racer who participated in several Texas Water Safaris. 


Robert and Lolita are currently on a project in Abu Dhabi but hope to be back in Houston for another visit in the spring and I hope their visit will coincide with an HCC meeting so we can all catch up with them!  Lolita asked me to send along greetings to all their HCC pals. Here's a photo showing Lolita (right) and me having lunch together during her recent visit. 



 Linda Gorski and

Lolita Stricker