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HomeNL-2011-10 Llano
South Llano River, near Junction, Texas
Sept. 4th, 2011
by Charles Zipprian

With universities and schools getting back into session, we decided to do one more family trip before elusive time was taken up with studying. 


Sept 4th of Labor Day week-end, we went to the South Llano River for a day of paddling.  We had four boats for our little trip.  We had heard of a waterfall on the Llano upstream from the Hwy 377 road crossing.  Paddling a total of 2.5 miles upstream, enjoying the sun, water, deer, wild turkeys, and sounds of nature we made it to the waterfall.


The river was low, showing around 50 CFS.  The north winds were high between 10-15 mph with gust up to 20 mph.  The southbound upstream trip crossed four rapids and one pipe-bridge which we had to portage around.  With the water so low, the rapids were fairly easy to walk through.  On the downstream trip the boats were dragging bottom at the rapids and a couple required us to get out and walk. Aside from the rapids, the paddling was smooth and easy.  During one stretch of the upstream paddle, I took my spare life jacket and held it up like a sail to catch the wind.  The wind was strong enough to push the boat upstream for over 100 yards.  The downstream trip against the wind was not as easy.  Once we made it to the waterfall, we swam and enjoyed the clear cool water.  A couple of us sat under the fall letting the water cascade down on us. 


As part of our expedition was the testing of an experimental canoe.  This canoe combines paddling with the luxury of a Jacuzzi. 

Actually, we played around paddling up to the fall and letting the water cascade into the boat.


Overall it was a very pleasant day.

The author,
Charles Zipprian