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HomeNL-2011-10 Kayak Whale

Photo: Kayaker in mouth of whale
John Rich

The photo on the right is an image that has "gone viral" on the internet, and is being sent to millions of people via e-mail.  The accompanying story claims that the kayaker is an Alaskan dentist who ended up between the jaws of a whale which was surfacing to feed on herring.

As with many things on the internet, one should greet such things with healthy skepticism.  As it turns out, this photo is a fake, composed by combining two different images; one of a surfacing whale, and the second of a kayaker.  The two photos were merged to place both elements in the same place at the same time.

This composite photo started out as a joke to give the subject dentist a chuckle about conducting an oral examination on the mouth of a whale.  But then the photo was spread to others, with the original joke forgotten, and is now being distributed as a real, legitimate one-in-a-billion photo.

The full story is explained at this web site: Hoax-Slayer